“I am personally glad to see this place doing so well. I first ate here while inebriated and soaked with rain a couple months back on a random visit to NYC. I was at a bar and they did delivery so I figured what the hell. I killed that plate and I remembered the name. However since I was drinking, I didn’t want the “drunchies” to skew my view on an institution so I decided I wouldn’t write a review until I tried the place sober as a brick.

Well I recently got that chance just this past weekend. Walking up to Harlem from my buddy’s house I stopped on in and ordered myself a plate of oxtails with rice & beans, mac & cheese, and cabbage & carrots. 5 minutes later dude comes back with a mean plate stacked with food and 10 minutes after that I leave him a plate with nothing but bones. The place makes food like both my grandmommas cook there, and the plates are big enough that it seems like they both want to keep me fat. Outside of the taste and quantity of food the place is also relatively cheap with the majority of the meal being less than 10 bucks before taxes.

Trust me when I say this but If you are anywhere near Morningside park, take the walk and get your grub on. You won’t be dissapointed unless your grandmammy happens to live up the block, and makes food this tasty for free. Stay hungry my friends.”

~Khalib B. 7/8/2010

Holy smoking cigars, this place is great! Me and my friend were looking for a place to eat around Columbia University and so I used my trusty Yelp! app. Lo and behold, this place pop’s up at the “Hot On Yelp Section” and just looking at the stellar reviews and ratings, we just had to come here!

The restaurant itself looked nice and they had a huge Samsung HDTV hanging on the wall (although the cable TV was all screwed up, I blame Time Warner Cable). It looked as if they had just opened up or something and were setting up a new electronic system to put in orders (we were their first customers on the system!). Anyways, the guy who waited on us was the son of the owners so this place is family owned (nice!). Overall a great guy, very helpful.

I got the stewed chicken with a side of callaloo (everybody on Yelp! recommended it), collard greens and rice and beans. Chicken was simmered to perfection, great flavor. The callaloo, which is stewed okra, had a great coconut flavor to it. The collard greens reminded me of grape leaves and was very soft and tasty. My friend got the jerk chicken which tasted great too but also had a spicy kick to it.

We dined, we ate, we left extremely contented. Next time we go, I am going to try out the other side dishes as well as the oxtail, which caught my eye as well. The entire meal for two including drinks came out to less than $23 I believe. Great deal for the home made food we got. You must try them out!

Louis W. 6/4/2010



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